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Sunday Mornings

There’s a lot we could say about St. John’s, but the best way to discover who we are is to simply join us for worship. At St. John’s, we share in Holy Communion every Sunday. We have an outstanding choir that sings once a month and an excellent children’s ministry and youth program with over 60 children and students ranging from 1-18 years old. During the regular academic semesters, we have educational programs for all ages and, if you have little ones, we have staffed nursery care beginning at 9:15 am. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with our style of worship, everything (including our music) is printed in the bulletin to make it easier for everyone to follow along: 

Sunday Worship at 1030 am is our large, principle family service. We have hymns and kids and acolytes and processions as we break bread as our Lord directed us. Every Sunday is a celebration, and we fill our space with life and song and the proclamation of the Word of God. It’s a time to give thanks and to encounter God through Scripture, preaching, Holy Communion, and fellowship with one another.

Sunday Worship at 830 am is for those who like to rise earlier and who might be seeking something more quiet and contemplative. This service is lightly attended with no music and less ceremony. It’s perfect for those who prefer something more introverted or who simply have things to get to on Sunday morning.

Weekday services are also offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:15 p.m. in the chapel (St. Cyprian’s Chapel on the north side of the church). There’s no music or preaching. We’re done before 12:45.

We’re a diverse family at St. John’s. You’ll find us wearing everything from suits to shorts and sandals, so come as you are and explore, take your time, experience the quiet presence of the Holy Spirit, and enjoy what God is up to at St. John’s!